About AFA Supplies

American Fine Arts Supplies, subsidiary to American Fine Arts Foundry, is a sculpting supply resource built by sculptors, for sculptors, offering everything from clay to wax, armature to tools, sculpting DVDs to modeling stands, and everything in between. We have it all!

AFA Supplies was created, in part, because many of our clients had grown weary of traveling from one big-box art retailer to the other, only to find that neither store really had what they needed, especially in any meaningful quantities. They’d find armature, but in the wrong gauge, or clay, but only two bricks, and those bricks might not even be the right color or consistency. It was frustrating. They’d had enough, and so had we.

So, in an effort to remedy this apparent oversight on behalf of big-box art retailers everywhere, we devised an alternative—AFA Supplies. A resource helping sculptors find everything they need, all in one place, and all for a competitive price. It’s a site that over time we hope to evolve into a true sculptor’s resource, with videos, exclusive tutorials, and even competitions, so check back often, as we have some fun things in store for the future. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Brett Barney