Monster Makers

Over the course of 27 years Arnold Goldman’s Monster Makers has grown into the premiere manufacturer of all things SFX. Whether you’re a sculptor, mask maker, puppeteer, toy designer, filmmaker, or sfx artist, they have a little something for everyone. But the breadth and depth of their lineup is not what makes this company special. It’s Arnold and his team’s commitment to making the best performing, highest quality products possible. Recipes are constantly iterated upon, product lines are consistently expanded, and new products are continually being created, resulting in an offering that’s always adapting to meet the needs of its customers.

As the Monster Makers’ largest domestic distributor we’re proud to be aligned with a company that values the customer experience the same way we do. To that end, we ensure we’re always stocked with the Monster Makers’ most popular items including Monster Clay, RD-407 Latex, Ed Head Armatures, Foam Latex Kits, Latex Paints, and more.

products By Monster Makers