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Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay (4.5lb tub)

Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay (4.5lb tub)

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Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay features a super smooth formulation with a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that won’t stick to fingers or tools, is composed of entirely non-toxic food grade components, and is completely sulfur free. Monster Clay also exhibits a unique elastic quality that’s high in plasticity. Most compare the consistency to a warm, soft taffy. When the clay sets up, however, it’s still firm enough to hold fine detail.

Because Monster Clay is sulfur free it can be used with all kinds of platinum silicone molding materials. Monster Clay is also easily melted to a pourable consistency, making it ideal for creating copies of life casts where changes are required.

The best way to save on Monster Clay is to buy it by the case.