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Aluminum Calipers

Aluminum Calipers

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Our Aluminum Calipers are a useful tool for measuring precision when creating three-dimensional sculptures. Moreover, when trying to achieve exact measurements from live models or reproduction sculptures, these calipers are a must.

Usually, calipers are used to preserve a certain size, width, dimension taken from a live model that is then replicated in a sculpture, either scaled or in the similar size.

These lightweight, aluminum calipers include a sturdy wing nut to hold the measurement for as long as it is needed. We offer our calipers in two sizes:

AL8: 8 inch

AL1: 1 inch

AL12: 12 inch (Currently out of stock)

As an option, you may want to contemplate purchasing our Almaloy Aluminum Wire or other style armatures for the head, head-bust; figures.