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Polytek EasyFlo 120 Liquid Plastic

Polytek EasyFlo 120 Liquid Plastic

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Mix Ratio: 1A:1B by volume 100A:90B by weight
Shore Hardness: D65
Pour Time: 2-2.5 min.
Demold Time: 15-30 min.
Cured Color: White

EasyFlo 120 Liquid Plastic is a two-part, liquid polyurethane resin that cures (RTV) to a white, Shore D65 plastic. This product has a simple 1A:1B mix ratio by volume and a fast demold time of 15 to 30 minutes. EasyFlo 120 is a super low-viscosity, pourable plastic, but it can be easily thickened with PolyFiber II Thickener for brush-on application.
EasyFlo 120 has a controlled gelling process that makes it a popular product for rotocasting or slush-casting hollow parts that are incredibly tough and lightweight. These hollow parts are often backfilled with rigid PolyFoam Casting Foam.

Note: The color of polyurethane Part Bs may change in color from batch to batch or may darken with age, but product performance is not affected.